Children’s Wooden Toys, Furniture and Decor

Our Story

Making children’s toys, furniture and decor was born out of our desire as parents to give our children the best. We are so fortunate to be parents to two wonderful toddlers who we call Pips and Moo.

In the few and far between moments of ‘adult time’ our beautiful (but busy) girls allow us, we discussed how many toys today are just not built to last. Most are made from plastic, and just end up breaking and being thrown away. Others do nothing for a child’s development but rather, are just props built to buy time for parents. Furniture, we found, was either terribly made pine products or made out of super wood. We wanted better.

We wanted well-made quality toys and furniture. Items that would last and could be passed on to be reused over and over again. We wanted to go back to basics and move away from instant gratification. We wanted things that would encourage outdoor, physical, social and imaginative play. Things that would help promote cognitive development and fine and gross motor skills. We wanted to provide items that would help our children grow.

Our Inspiration

Our main inspiration is obviously our two girls.  But we had many reasons why this decision just felt ‘right’ for us. Nina’s grandfather was a traditional carpenter who made all the furniture that he and his wife had in their home. Beautiful solid wood furniture that lasted their whole lives, a lot of which has been passed down through the family. Her dad was also always tinkering around in the garage, and she spent many happy hours as a child in there with him. Julian already had the skills and expertise, and a change in pace and direction from his old job was a welcome change to our family lifestyle. We get to have more quality time with our girls, and it’s great to directly reap the benefits of all our hard work.

Pips and Moo - Our Story - Inspiration - The Girls - Toys and Furniture from Solid wood

So many memories can fly through your mind when hearing an old song that had been forgot, or smelling a specific meal or spice. The same thing applies to toys and furniture. It could be a pencil case made by your grand father or wooden sword your dad made. With this in mind, and a strong sense of nostalgia, we decided to open Pips and Moo.

Getting Started

Nina applied her mind to a few designs and Julian sharpened up his long neglected chisels. And a family business was born. We sourced locally produced paint and sealant that is solvent free, child safe, and water and heat resistant.  Using tried and tested traditional joining techniques, we make  all our products from solid wood (mostly South African residential grade pine).  We are building our range slowly but surely. Prior to being added to the range, all our products are thoroughly tried and tested by our two very eager “product testers” AKA Pips and Moo. We also decided to offer bespoke orders. It’s always so interesting to hear other people’s thoughts and ideas, and we love bringing them to life!

And that’s where we are now – making children’s toys and furniture from solid wood. Thanks for taking an interest in us and visiting our website. We look forward to doing business with you. Browse our range in our Shop

Pips, Moo, Nina and Julian.